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Town Council expresses disappointment in debate on Care Home planning decision

DISAPPOINTMENT has been expressed by Hedon Town Council at the decision to grant planning permission for a controversial new Care Home complex on Magdalen Lane.

Hedon Town Council Planning Committee met last Thursday (8th November 2012) and expressed their disappointment that planning permission had been granted for the construction of two care home buildings on Magdalen Lane. This was despite objections from Hedon Town Council who, whilst recognising the need for more care homes, had feared the increased flooding risks and traffic that this particular scheme might engender.

Hedon Town Councillor and East Riding Ward Councillor John Dennis came in for particular criticism for speaking in favour of the scheme at the East Riding Council planning meeting which granted permission. Councillor Dennis had said that the development would bring important facilities, investment and jobs into the area and urged the East Riding Planning Committee to support the scheme. He said that as an East Riding councillor he had to represent the whole of the South West Holderness Ward and the opinions of local people had been clearly in favour of the Care Home.

Councillor Ann Suggit disagreed and said local opinion was against the scheme particularly because of the flooding risk issues and thought it “disgraceful” that Councillor Dennis “had pushed this issue through against the wishes of Hedon Town Council”. Councillor Dennis responded that as a Ward Councillor he had the right to an opinion on local issues and had “spoken on behalf of what he thought local opinion was”.

The planning application is for the construction of two buildings for use as a 54 bedroom care home with 5 assisted living apartments, and a 30 bedroom dementia care home.

Hedon Town Council noted the decision to grant permission to build the care homes and will ensure that the conditions imposed on the planning agreement are upheld and enforced rigorously to prevent any adverse flooding risk. 

Flooding – will new complex increase risk?

8 thoughts on “Town Council expresses disappointment in debate on Care Home planning decision

  1. I wish you would all stop fiddling while Rome burns.
    The Town is fading and fading fast, inappropriate alterations to list and no listed buildings within the conservation area, particularly the shopping and commercial area of the town is dragging us down. One thing that would generate investment and engender prosperity in Hedon is attention to detail. Restore the character the pride for our ancient town.
    Internecine in fighting is not the way forward. Hedon has two very good and hard working councillors in Ann Suggit and John Dennis both are an asset to the Town.
    If you agree with my comments lets us start the renaissances right now. Use these two councillors to kick- start the new beginning.

  2. Whilst I share the concerns referred to above about potential flooding in this low lying area I am otherwise extremely sympathetic to this proposal. The only remaining concerns I have are to do with the extent that the planning authority will ensure that all conditions attaching to this (or any other) planning approval are met. Oversight and response to breaches has not always been successfully pursued in the past. As always Councillor Dennis has been consistent and logical in his arguments and explanations.

  3. Common sense has prevailed. I fail to see why other councillors did not support the care home project.There seems to be great resistance to change and opposition to any proposals for new development in the hedon area. Lets hope this will be the first of many new projects that will create jobs and investment for the local community. Thank you Mr Dennis for your progressive thinking and support .

  4. I’ve given this a few days to settle down, and am grateful for the support that has been shown to me.

    The accusation that I ‘pushed this through’ at the ERYC is tantermount to saying that I spoke to members of the strategic planning committee in advance of the meeting, which could not be further from the truth. Fact is the planning officer’s recommendation was to approve the scheme, and it’s usual that committee follows officer recommendation, unless there are seriously good reasons for them to not to. To turn down an application on flimsy ‘non-planning’ reasons will lead to an appeal which would be successful, costing ratepayers thousands

    I did of course put myself down to speak at that committee, and got criticised for that, but was it not a tad hypocritical for Councillor Mrs Suggit to say it was wrong for me to speak, as she also spoke at the meeting to re-state her opposition. Just can’t grasp the logic of that.

    Fact is, I didn’t change my stance, and more or less repeated what I had said at Hedon Town Council when the application came up for consideration there. As a Ward Member, I’m fully entitled to a second bite of the cherry, and perhaps, but only perhaps, what I said at County Hall might have had some impact on how members voted there. But that’s the system!

    To the best of my knowledge, nowhere does it say that ward members are obliged to follow the lead of the town council, nor does it say that we all have to request anyone’s permission to express our point of view. Cllr Mrs. Suggit is certainly not slow to express hers, but I will not be altering mine because she happens not to like it

    Cllr. John Dennis
    E.R.Y.C. Ward Member, S.W.Holderness

  5. I have to applaud Councillor Dennis for taking this stance. I’m confused by the HTC decision in the first place, they welcome quality care into the area recognising the need but go against this proposal. I’m sure the ERYC planners understand flood risk issues and will have consulted the EA etc to ensure the development won’t have a negative impact on the Town. I think the HTC see it as their job to block all types of development in or around Hedon, rather than welcoming the ones which provide needed housing, investment, jobs and in this case care. 1000 jobs are going soon in Hull and the surrounding areas, in this climate we should be welcoming investment. Again, well done Councillor Dennis.

  6. Well done Cllr Dennis for saying something unpopular. Current provision of care homes in Hedon in unsuitable buildings with no or minimal parking causes inadequate care, not to mention traffic chaos. We need improvements, and the infrastructure to cope with them.

  7. I think the stance taken by councillor Dennis is the right and sensible one. Support for investment and jobs, but with the planning constraints in place with regards flooding etc.
    I also believe without councillor Dennis the area will have lost this oppotunity for jobs and investment at a time when we need every job we can lay our hands on.
    I would also like to say that the council should discuss and consult with its residents more often. I am certain the area is awash with ideas,opinion and experience. This public discussion should start with the redraft of the Hedon Development Plan.

  8. I think the stance taken by councillor Dennis is the correct one. Support for investment and jobs with with planning constraints attached with regards flooding etc.
    I also believe that without the sensible approach by councillor Dennis the oppotunity for jobs that this development would bring would have been lost. At a time when the area needs every job available.
    I would also like to take the oppotunity to call on the council to discuss with the public more over issues which effect the area. Starting with a discussion on the redraft of the Hedon Development Plan. After all this plan effects us all and the experience, ideas and opinions of the residents should be used and discussed.

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