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Haven Arms Fireworks Spectacular!

BONFIRE NIGHT at the Haven Arms has become a real community event in Hedon with a reputation for providing a spectacular display.

This year a few people were disappointed at what seemed a rather small bonfire waiting to be lit compared with previous years – “It’s an austerity bonfire!” somebody posted perhaps rather unkindly on Facebook! But in lighting the bonfire, Landlord Mark Hawksworth announced that the smaller bonfire this year would be compensated by an even bigger fireworks display!

Mark was true to his word – a truly fantastic fireworks display followed! We’ve captured the last 50 seconds or so on the video below. What the video doesn’t really convey, is the massive “Wow!” and roar of approval at the final firework burst!

Thanks to Mark, Alison and the staff at the Haven for keeping us fed and watered and providing a great night! And let’s not forget the Army Cadets who provide the stewarding and the First Aiders on call, and the police on duty, and the fireworks team themselves, who all help to create a great atmosphere every year – and it hasn’t rained on a Bonfire Night at the Haven in the last four years!

Best photo of the night… so far (can you send us a better one!?)… I call it the Jewel in the Haven Fireworks Crown… I was never good at names!

3 thoughts on “Haven Arms Fireworks Spectacular!

  1. Hello Ray, I love the idea of an ‘austerity bonfire’ where even old wood is precious and needed for recycling rather than putting on a bonfire! However, as I tried to announce to the crowd, the reason for the reduced size this year was much more serious. On Nov 5, 2011 seven people were killed and 52 injured on the M5 near Taunton and smoke drifting from a bonfire is being held as being at least partially responsible. The organiser of the bonfire is being prosecuted for Manslaughter. The similarity in location with the Hedon Bypass is obvious. There is therefore much reluctance in the country at the moment to permit bonfires to take place. Indeed East Riding Council and Hedon Haven Trust who own the land opposite the pub refused permission for such purpose. We were therefore faced with building one on our own land and had to take into account the risk to the pub building itself. The flames still reached 20 feet high and could be seen even from the back of the crowd, we kept topping it up to keep it going, and I hope people were not too disappointed. We tried to compensate with an even more impressive firework display. Who knows what next year will hold for the bonfire, certainly no less than this year, but we will keep the community posted on this blog and in the Haven Arms Times. Thanks for the opportunity to clarify. Best regards. Mark Hawksworth. Owner.

    1. Hi Ray we are Eastern Pyro the company who have staged the Firework displays for Haven Arms since 2010. As we are based in Hedon this display is for our community so we always make a special effort. Staging the display this year was a challenge due to the concerns raised by the land owners detailed in Mark’s piece therefore public support for this event is very welcome.
      We are starting the planning for next years display at the Haven and intend to ensure that it will be as well received as previous displays have been.
      Thank you for your feedback and your video footage.

      Tim Houlton
      Eastern Pyro Ltd.

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