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Grrr! Mis-pricing frustrations at the Co-op!

This article is by the Grumpy Hedon Blogger who joined our team of correspondents in December 2010! This is his second article since then. Thanks Grumpy! Please send us more!

CAREFUL SHOPPING is a must in these austere times!

And nothing irritates me more, than spending several minutes in a shop, engaging in some very careful shopping, and taking advantage of bargains and special offers – and then getting home and checking your receipt and finding you have been charged the full price!!!

This happened to me recently when shopping in the Hedon Co-op on Hull Road. I spent several minutes deciding whether to get my normal bread, or the super fibre special which was on offer at 29p off, although it would still be dearer than my regular fare!

“Hmm… super fibre… more expensive, but is on offer… additional health benefits (can’t normally afford those in these credit-crunching times)… ok then, decision made!  Special offer bread it is!”

So getting home and finding that I’m being charged super full price for the super healthy bread sends my blood-pressure boiling and pushes me over the edge!!!

So with furious intent I sent an e-mail of complaint to Co-op towers customer services – well, what did you expect, I wasn’t going to go and stage a sit-in was I!? Yes – I could have taken it back to the shop, but I’m getting on a bit now, and a bit shaky on the old pins!

So an e-mail it is! I complain about been over-charged – and it’s not the first time – and I ask how many others suffer the same fate!

Within a few days I’m sent a return apologetic e-mail from the Co-op, and I’m offered a refund. I’m a bit cynical about the whole idea of getting a cheque for 29p from them, but send them my address.

A couple of weeks later – I get two £1 vouchers as a token of their regret!

I suppose the moral of this story is – Check your receipts at the till! If you haven’t got your glasses on, ask the person at the till to confirm your offers are on!

PS: The bread was very nice, very seedy for one’s digestive tract – but it’s too expensive again now 🙁



4 thoughts on “Grrr! Mis-pricing frustrations at the Co-op!

  1. I read this post a few weeks ago, knowing that this happens ALL OF THE TIME at both of Co-ops in Hedon.

    I now always ask for a receipt as invariably the ‘buy one get one free’ or ‘two for £2.50’ offers and the like aren’t processed properly by the till at checkout.

    It happens far too often for it to just be me that’s affected by it also – so I’m pleased that you have posted this.

    The main frustration is whenever you query the transaction, the staff regulalrly make you feel like you’re inconveninecing them or they don’t believe you – in fact on more than one occasion I’ve been ceremoniusly marched over to the shelf sticker to try and prove me wrong!

    It’s such a shame as generally the staff of both Co-ops (particualrly Marketplace) are really helpful and friendly.

    The last straw for me came on Saturday morning at ‘big co-op’ when I bhought some cheese that was on offer at £1 (usual price £1,89).

    When the total price of all my items came to more than I expected (as a result of the problems I often roughly add up what the price should be in my head before I get to the checkout now) I queried it.

    To my surprise, when we went through the usual rigmarole of marching over to the shelf tag, I actually took the opportunity to politely express that this happens all to often. The response was staggering! The member of staff told me that this happens all the time in other shops (I’ve NEVER once had it happen in Asda I pointed out) and she’s had it happen to her all over the place. When I argued that even if it did, it still isn’t good enough, I was told that ‘well mistakes happen don’t they’.

    Yes, I agree that mistakes do indeed happen, but this happens far far far to often for it to be a ‘mistake’. I’d say it’s a conspiracy!!

    Finally, I mentioned that the matter had even made it onto the Hedon Blogg and the member of staff commented ‘oh good!’.

    Great service Co-op – good work – well done!

    1. Good comments James! Maybe we have uncovered a problem that the company needs to sort out.

      I had two contrasting experiences last week at the big Co-op:

      Firstly, I got charged 10p for my ‘Bag for life’ – not surprising you might think, but it was my OWN bag that I’d already bought on a previous visit! Maybe it will last two lifetimes now?

      Also last week I was wrongly charged for some coffee, 1.29 instead of 89p. I took my receipt to a manager who checked the shelves then apologised and gave me 1.29 back and gave me the coffee for free as a gesture of goodwill.

      So the advice to shoppers is to check your receipts and DO complain if you need to – it’s in the Co-op’s best interest as well as our own!

    1. I went into the same Co-o about a year ago and when returning to my car looked through my receipt as it seemed an expensive visit. They had duplicated quite a few items. I went back in and they asked me to bring ALL of my shopping back to the checkout. I did this and they refunded my money. I returned to the car and set of down the road, whereupon my daughter checked my receipt again and found other items duplicated. We turned round and returned once again and the same thing, we had to take ALL the shopping back in for another refund. No apology just blamed the till going wrong. This isn`t the only thing at this shop so I very rarely go in now and if I do I am desperate.

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