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Speeding traffic incidents on Inman’s, Hedon

“DOES AN ACCIDENT have to occur before something is done about speeding traffic?” asked resident Jim Uney at Hedon Town Council’s public participation meeting.

Mr Uney was complaining about speeding traffic on streets around the Inman’s estate in Hedon. He had attended a recent Police Surgery at the Hedon Co-op to complain about increasing incidents, but had been disappointed when the police hadn’t turned up for their own surgery! He was hoping that the Hedon Town Council would act on residents’ behalf and contact the police about the speeding issue.

Speeding traffic was a concern across the town, although a recent speed survey had shown a relatively low incidence of actual cases. The view from Mr Uney that the appearance of officers wearing brightly coloured bibs carrying speed cameras had most likely influenced the survey results!

Councillor Mike Bryan on behalf of other councillors said he would personally contact the police on this matter.

Hedon Blog says: Residents concerned about speeding traffic through Inman’s and Hedon might be interested to note that Road Safety Week takes place in November 2012 – this could be an opportunity to focus attention on the issue of speeding traffic by writing letters to the media, holding meetings and other awareness-raising events. Visit: HU12 Online – Road Safety Week

2 thoughts on “Speeding traffic incidents on Inman’s, Hedon

  1. Don’t know how anyone can say that speeding incidences are low, they should come and monitor Magdalen Lane. Some of the worst offenders are the drivers from the Council Depot at the end of the lane! It is NO good officers standing with a speed gun because as soon as it is known drivers slow down. Something does need to been done before there is an accident.

    1. Well said Janet, just the other day a chap on bond street had his metal fencing knocked down in the night, its frightening the speed some folk go, not only in the night but throughout the day with no regard for children being around and also the noise of them accellerating, i say estates should be 20mph full stop but its policing it thats difficult….

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