BE PREPARED appears to be the motto of the East Riding Council as they announce they will be seeking local views on winter services.

The BIG FREEZE of 2010 led to some areas of Hedon being literally frozen in with residents unable to travel to the shops or even leave the house because of the horrendous weather. But it was also a time of great community spirit with neighbours helping each other to dig out driveways and cars and to remove snow from paths.

East Riding Council intends to hold an event in Hedon to ask for views on winter services – although the date and venue for the event has yet to be announced.

The workshop-style event will provide information from the council’s winter services team and ask for the views of residents on the council’s winter policies for winter maintenance and will include discussion of salting routes, salt bins and how local community schemes operate.

Events in other parts of East Yorkshire have seen people asking for clarification about what would happen if someone had an accident on a footway cleared by a resident. The council has confirmed that there is no law stopping a resident clearing snow and ice from the pavement outside their property or from pathways to their property or to public areas.

All residents will be invited to these events, but there will be a limited number of spaces available, so booking will be essential when the date is announced.

For more information contact the consultation team on 01482 391474 or email – and it may be possible to get your name down for the Hedon event.

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