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Care Home on Magdalen Lane – Planning update

Artist impression of proposed Care Home

A REPORT on granting planning permission for a new 1.4 ha (3.5 acre) Care Home facility on Magdalen Lane, is to be taken before the East Riding Council’s Planning Committee on Thursday 25th October 2012.

The report by council planning officers recommends that the decision on granting planning permission be DEFERRED until the Environment Agency has responded to the applicant’s (Yorkare Homes) revised flood risk assessment.

The Flood Risk Assessment covers issues relating to keeping people safe from flood hazards, including methods to drain water, flood warnings, emergency and evacuation procedures. The developers need to demonstrate that the building of the facility will not increase flooding risks to others, and where possible reduces flood risk overall.

If the comments from the Environment Agency are positive, then officers recommend that the application be APPROVED.

Download: Planning Report – Hedon Care Home Facility Magdalen Lane

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  1. The plan looks amazing, Yorkare Homes has done a good job to come up with a revised plan which took into consideration the safety precautions.

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