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Wednesday Writings – Gull’s Flight

Gull’s Flight by Peter J Ainscough

Spread, spread your wings across the sky,
Across the wind, the breath of God, and fly,
Fly where I cannot go. Where no soul waits,
Nor can they recognise your God and mine.
Sing your prayer, praise on the wind’s clear song,
Unknowing and uncaring of a world gone wrong,
A world awry, a world intent on nothing more
Than it’s own self. Yet you know so much more:
The wind’s aria, the wave’s praise, the sun’s ‘Gloria.’
You know and feel the nature of the universe.
Fly on, away, uncaring; your prayer is greater
Than mine can ever be, buried in my doubts and fears.
I find it hard to pray, to reach into eternity
As you so freely do. Go, spread your wings in prayer
For me, my friend – and for the universe we share.


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