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Yorkshire Water – Tour of Waste Water Treatment Works

Odours from Waste Water Treatment Works

THE “SALTEND SMELL”  – a term which probably unfairly attributes the odours emanating from the Yorkshire Water Waste Water Treatment Works on Hedon Road to the hamlet of Salt End in Preston Parish – is under the spotlight once again.

24 odour complaints have been received and recorded by Yorkshire Water or the East Riding Council between 28th March and the 1st May 2011. Additionally the odours became an issue in the local elections, with most of the candidates referring to the odours in their leaflets and statements.

However, Yorkshire Water is keen to demonstrate to local residents its efforts to reduce odours from the Treatment Works. They have organised a series of seven presentations about the site over the weekend of Saturday 21st May – Sunday 22nd May, each followed by a tour of the Treatment Works. The events are aimed to disclose to residents the work that goes on at the site. In particular they want residents to find out more about the £3.2m construction of a new odour-control unit.

Local residents should have received a letter explaining how to book a place on one of the presentations and tours (note the tour is not suitable for those in wheelchairs or for those under 16 years of age).

Further information is available at www.yorkshirewater.com/book

2 thoughts on “Yorkshire Water – Tour of Waste Water Treatment Works

  1. We live on Bilton grange hull and on a saturday night into sunday the smell that comes from the water treatment plant is discusting! If its a hot day we cannot have any windows open because the smell is that bad.

  2. The Water Plant really is disgusting, we should not have to put up with this in this day and age, It’s Medieval to say the least. I also got an invite to go on a trip around the plant, why on earth would I want to smell it at close quarters, are they really that stupid to think it might alter the public’s views.

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