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Released by The National Archives – UFOs, Alien Abduction and East Yorkshire

UFO X-FILES RELEASED by The National Archives contain at least three ‘incidents’ relating to unidentified flying objects over East Yorkshire.

One took place over Withernsea on June 15th 2002. During the resort’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, a restored Lancaster Bomber was conducting a fly-over as part of a Battle of Britain display which was recorded by a local photographer. After downloading the digital images he noticed one image (image here from the released MoD files) contained a UFO which he described as looking “decidedly triangular in shape”.

In response to queries at the time the MoD responded: “We are satisfied that there is no corroborating evidence to suggest that the United Kingdom’s airspace was breached by unauthorised military aircraft on the 15th June.”

Another report from two police officers – also in 2002, on October 17th – described an object “the size of a bright star but of different colours – blue, green, red and white” that appeared over BP Chemicals, Hedon and Thorngumbald. The officers report stated: “The object appeared to move fast and then stop – it stopped and started on a couple of occasions and repeatedly changed its colour/shape, fading and also becoming brighter at times.” The ‘report as a matter of policy’ was sent to the MoD for their information.

The released files also include detailed papers and e-mails relating to the disappearance of Captain William Schaffner who disappeared after his Lightning jet aircraft crashed in the ocean over the East Yorkshire Coast in September 1970. The wreckage of the aircraft was found three months later, with the canopy and escape-ejection mechanism still intact. But the pilot’s body was never found. UFOlogists have claimed that Captain Schaffner was abducted by Aliens.

The released files, which contain official reports, forms and e-mails, are available from the special National Archives website at: The UFO files – from The National Archives

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