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The following summary from Jim Lindop is a personal overview from Hedon Town Council meetings in February 2011. They are based on discussions from the meetings and should not be taken as any official record. They are provided here for resident’s information and interest.

A full planning application was considered for the erection of a chimney stack to the side of 49 Thorn Road, Hedon; the application was supported.

An East Riding Yorkshire Council housing survey was discussed again, with concerns expressed in regard to this only being sent to a third of households in the area. It was stated that only a small proportion of households may complete the survey and that decisions may be made on the results and that housing policy may be formulated from this and not from a majority view.  It was said that this is not the best way to consult with the residents of the East Riding. Mention was again made that this was the same type of process which resulted in the proposal to build an incinerator.

The council may lease the field down Station Lane (opposite Cherry Tree Lane), however at this time we await for contact from the owner. It was suggested that this land should be left as a green field or as allotments.

Following a recent meeting with Mr Ed Blank the Editor of the Holderness Heartbeat , to discuss placing a Hedon Newsletter within the  publication, contact was made by another individual who wished to discuss the possibility of producing the Hedon Newsletter. Discussions are ongoing.

Members were extremely concerned and totally opposed to the plans to flood extremely rich high grade agricultural land near Cherry Cob Sands. This is linked to the proposed development of a new quay at Killingholme, N/Lincs and the loss of wild life habitat on the south bank of the river. It was said that if land for wild life was lost on the south bank then it should be replaced with land near to the development on the south bank.

The parking at Inman’s School was discussed again, with the amount of cars obstructing driveways to nearby residents homes and causing obstruction near the school at the start and end of the school day.

Doug Stewart is to be asked to judge the Hedon In Bloom competition on 9th July. So start planning your displays.

The council have been informed that the proposed resurfacing of the road between Baxtergate and Westlands has been shelved indefinitely; a letter is to be drafted to the relevant bodies to express our disappointment and ask for the issue to be looked at again, due to poor drainage at the Baxtergate Fletchergate junction and safety, with the manholes sinking near to Iveson Close and St Augustines Gate.

Many thanks to Jim Lindop for continuing to provide these useful personal notes which help give local residents a glimpse into the work of our local Town Council.

2 thoughts on “Hedon Town Council – February News

  1. Sarah, my information is that this was included in the original plans for Leaf Sail Farm development, which is what Hedon Town Council wanted, but a bridge was never erected and now the access to the proposed bridge has been built on with another house. The only other walkable access is the small bridge to the side of Ainsley Road with access to Charles Street

  2. With regards to the parking issues outside Inmans Scool. A lot of the cars belong to parents collecting children from the Leaf Sail Farm Estate. Would there be a possibility of erecting a footbridge across the Burstwick Drain from the estate onto Bond Street? This would provide a shortcut and would encourage more parents to walk their children to school.

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