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It’s National Chip Week!

YES – IT’S NATIONAL CHIP WEEK! – Or rather we are approaching the end of this Potato Council sponsored chip-fest on Sunday 27th February 2011.

So…This is the chance you have all been waiting for, to… well… eat chips!

You can find all about chips at www.lovechips.co.uk or, if you prefer just get a bag from our very own Leedham’s Fish and Chips on Fletchergate!

Any resident or visitor to Hedon, stepping off a tea-time bus at the junction of New Road and St Augustine’s Gate, is treated to the gorgeous smell of Leedham’s Fish and Chips! Love Chips? – Eat Chips! It just has to be done!

1 thought on “It’s National Chip Week!

  1. The chippy in Bilton is far better, well worth the extra travelling. I always avoid Leedhams, especially when the man is frying. You could pot windows with the fish and chips they are that well done.

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