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Hedon Town Council Meetings-January/February 2011

BRIEF NOTES of recent Hedon Town Council Meetings:

Including- : Housing Survey : Town Council Newsletter : HOTI Thanks : Royal Wedding Congratulations : CCTV : and more…

The following summary from Jim Lindop is a personal overview from Hedon Town Council meetings in January and February. They are based on discussions from the meeting and should not be taken as any official record. They are provided here for residents’ information and interest.

A full planning application was considered for the erection of a single storey extension to the rear of Westlands, 94 New Road, Hedon; the application was supported subject to no objections from neighbours and the use of matching materials.

A housing survey from East Riding Yorkshire Council was discussed however information received says this was only sent to a third of households in the area. Concerns were expressed because if only a small percentage of these are returned then housing policy could be formulated from the result and not from the majority.  It was also mentioned that this was the same type of process which resulted in the proposal to build an incinerator.

The Finance and General Purposes Committee Chairman reported that following a meeting with the Public Rights of Way Officer – ERYC, the Council would continue to participate in the Parish Paths Scheme.

The Council may lease the field on Station Lane (opposite Cherry Tree Lane).

A meeting took place with Mr Ed Blank the Editor of the Holderness Heartbeat to discuss placing a Hedon Town Council Newsletter within the  publication.

The Town Clerk informed members that due to the ERYC budget constraints no additional street signage or traffic regulations can be processed this year.

It was resolved that any property in the town centre wanting a Christmas Tree in this and future years must have an external socket fitted and that a letter be sent to all those properties informing them that the socket can be fitted should they wish to do so and that a quotation can be supplied following a survey.

ERYC contractors will be allowed to use part of Greville Road amenity area for a site compound whilst essential flooding works are undertaken subject to the compound being located in a sensible position, early and adequate notice being given to neighbours and complete reinstatement of the area following completion of works.

The Town Clerk informed those present that insurers have stated that councillors are able to spread grit/salt in adverse weather conditions.

It was resolved that sincere thanks be recorded to the HOTI group for their hard work and that others and residents be thanked for their support over the years. However on the 4th Feb, a Yorkshire Post article said that Hull City Council and ERYC have admitted that they have yet to decide how to dispose of waste and that a waste incinerator could still be built possibly on the previous planning site.

A letter is to be sent to William and Kate on behalf of the residents of Hedon wishing them well on their forthcoming marriage.

Members took part in a full evacuation of the premises with the fire alarm sounding followed by a discussion on Health and Safety including Fire Risks.

Also under discussion were St Augustine’s Gate CCTV and the future monitoring of the equipment, the hosting of a Continental Market, quotations for the kitchen refurbishment, decoration of the Town Hall frontage and hallway stairs and landing and how to restore the Horsewell Pond on Ivy Lane.

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  1. Hedon Newsletter – If the Town Council could pay the Holderness Heartbeat to print and distribute the newsletter that would be fantastic!

    Local volunteers could still put the content and editions together.

    The Hedon Blog is willing to co-operate with any volunteers wishing to get involved in producing the Hedon Newsletter. The Blog can provide an additional local community news-gathering service for volunteers to take advantage of.

    The Hedon Blog can also publish an online version of any Town Council newsletter. This could ensure that it is available and accessible in many different formats.

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