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Hedon Civic Silver

HEDON TOWN COUNCIL own an impressive collection of civic silver including what is believed to be the oldest civic mace in the country dating back to 1415.

The silver collection has been built up over the centuries and harks back to when Hedon was perhaps more prosperous than Hull. Many pieces were gifted by its MPs (Members of Parliament) during the period of history which earned the town the label of a “rotten borough”. So called due to the unsavoury practice of the town’s MPs bribing people to vote for them. When the parliamentary system was reformed in 1832 the practice was stamped out – and in the process the town lost its right to elect MPs.

Sergeant at Mace

The town silver contains an impressive collection of maces, cups, spoons, salt cellars and bowls. The Town Mayor holds occasional civic “silver shows” throughout the year. Anyone who is interested in seeing the Town Silver should contact the Town Clerk who will put their name on the waiting list.

Pictured is the Hedon Great Mace, an ornamental copy of older Maces, carried before the Mayor by the town’s ‘Sergeant at Mace’ Dave Young to signify that he his acting with the authority of the Queen.

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