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HAVEN ARMS TIMES, a glossy 6-page newsletter produced by the popular pub and restaurant on Hedon’s Havenside, was circulated recently with the current July Issue of the Holderness Heartbeat extolling the virtues of this “hidden gem” on our doorstep.

Whilst the Haven Arms advertises regularly in the local media, it was a nice touch to see the pub advertise itself directly to local residents.

The newsletter was full of interesting information about the Haven Arms, including the fact that the pub is actually owned by husband and wife team Mark Hawksworth and Alison Smyth which allows them to be more responsive to the needs of their customers – this is surely a plus in an industry that tends to be dominated by big brewers’ and business interests that ‘dictate’ mostly everything that a pub can or cannot do!

The Times tells us that the Haven Arms is the only pub in the area currently in the CAMRA GOOD BEER GUIDE 2010 – but as well as the regular ales on sale, the pub runs beer and cider festivals at Bank Holidays too.

However, the Hedon Blogger is particularly keen (following the now outdated ‘moan‘ last year) to see the pub using the internet to communicate with customers.

The pub has a Facebook Page (search for Ravin’ Haven). You can send a blank e-mail to enquiries@havenarms.co.uk to be added to the mailing list and be kept informed of planned events. And the pub is also developing its website presence which hopefully will be up-and-running at www.havenarms.co.uk.

The Haven Arms in light of its proximity to the Haven – and the ambition to bring the water back there – is perfectly placed to develop even further as perhaps a ‘not-so-hidden’ gem on our doorstep.

Keep up the good work Mark, Alison and staff at the Haven!

4 thoughts on “Haven Arms Times

  1. Let me be absolutely clear please, i have not accused anyone of anything, my friend contacted the Haven in good faith with no motives other than to pass on the message, Just a listening ear is what is needed, not to go on the defensive, so please just take a deep breath and not jump to conclusions. I dont need a free meal thanks, never had one, dont want one.
    The group of friends were on a school reunion so had not seen each other for many months so if you are taling about being offended i can also assure readers that we were not contaminaing each other!. We enjoyed our evening and were merely passing on the fact as a heads up, Ive lived localy for 45 years and like Mr Duff who comments on here the comment was not personal , was entitled to my comment which I do stand by which was ‘Marketing is more than glossy brochures.’ I do hope this clarifies the situation.

  2. An allegation of food poisoning (upset tummy) is very serious. Prior to us making our repsonse to the customer, senior management carried out a two hour investigation and found it impossible that any alleged upset tummy was as a result of our food. Apart from anything else, we served food to over 230 people that day and any contamination would have affected more than three people. On the other hand, bacteria and viruses are easily passed from person to person in groups of friends. Whilst the customer clearly did not want to hear this, we had assumed the truth would be more useful than a meaningless apology. They asked for a free meal which is probably the last thing you would expect if someone suspected they had been ill through a meal but as a gesture of goodwill we agreed. We also explained the next steps to take involving the food hygene authorities if they did not accept our own findings and we still have samples of the ingredients used in preparation of the food if needed. To suggest, as in this blog, that our approach to the complaint was not professional or it was brushed aside is slanderous; indeed the opposite is true.
    We are a busy restaurant serving over 30,000 meals a year. Occasionally we get things wrong. We always welcome and value comments from customers, which helps us to improve what we do. However, it does seem to be unfair to be publically criticised when we have done nothing wrong.

    1. Mark – As a customer all I’ve ever received from the Haven is excellent professional quality of service, food and drinks!

      And as somebody who picks up on lots of feedback and issues from residents, via the Hedon Blog, all I can say that we only normally ever hear good stuff about the pub and restaurant.

      People are quick to complain – and sometimes quite rightly so – but I would urge readers to please be as prompt when giving compliments! If so – our comments facility would be full of positive and encouraging remarks about the Haven!

      The Hedon Blog does not have any stringent rules for commenting on these pages – and we certainly do not censure any comments (unless for bad language or something blatantly offensive).

      But from now on, the Hedon Blog will make efforts to moderate (i.e. stop from publishing until checked) individual complaints that might be deemed as ‘affecting reputation’ – and pass these on to the parties concerned for their comments and replies.

      Of course we will distinguish between individual complaints, and those simply expressing a negative point of view, and those cases where it clearly is a bigger issue for residents – i.e. Yorkshire Water for example clearly did not have a good reputation for their foul odours.

      Hope this helps – the Hedon Blog aims to be a constructive service in the town.

  3. Hopefully their responses will be customer friendly. I and some friends went for a meal which was ok, however 3 of the party of 5 had upset stomachs. We reported it to them and they point blank said it was not them. Whether it was or was not is not the issue, the fact is that the comments of customers need to be listened too in a supportive and professional way and not be brushed aside. Marketing is not just about glossy leaflets.

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