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My favourite toad "Punkphibian"

WHILE THE CLIPPER RACE dominated the news at the weekend, it was the “Invasion of the Toads” that attracted the Hedon Blog’s attention, and will attract public attention over the next 10 weeks.

This year Hull is celebrating the life of Philip Larkin. He did two poems about toads – hence the idea to celebrate his life by producing 40 giant fibreglass toads! Probably a good job he did not publish the Woolly Mammoth verse!?

Whatever your feelings about the Toads, there was no mistaking their attraction with people queuing up to photograph each other stood next to one!

The toads are actually quite nice! They are a really quirky way to get people involved in appreciating public art.

Now while the Toads are focussed on Hull, not all of them are situated there. The “Magenta Toad” is located in Melton, and “Tannery Toad” is in Beverley. One of them “Three Quarter Sky” is a touring toad and will change its location each week. So…. what about having a toad in Hedon?

What kind of “Hedon Toad” could represent the best characteristics of the town? Where could we put it?

If you are interested in anything and everything Larkin and toady, then have a look at the BARTIE-BLOG. Dave Bartlett is photographing the toads and publishing the essential background to each.

…. Off now, drawing my idea for the Hedon Toad!

2 thoughts on “Hedon Toad

  1. Humbug humbug! Larkin wasn t even from Hull! principle is good but Why dont we have somthing to celelebrate someone famous that is from Hull?!

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