A VISION FOR HEDON in 2026, including its future as an important port once again, is indicated in a document that is currently being discussed by the East Riding Council.

Core Strategy Plan for key transport links

Local residents have the chance to get involved in shaping the future development of the East Riding (and Hedon’s place within that) as the East Riding Council prepares a blueprint known as the Local Development Framework (LDF).

In the LDF, Hedon is featured as a key and strategic employment site of potential regional and national importance through “port-related economic development” which refers to the possibility of opening the access from Hedon Haven to the Humber estuary and extending a rail link from Hull Docks.

This will come as good news to those in the town that have long supported the idea of bringing the water back to Hedon Haven.

The potential for tourism in Hedon is also recognised by the LDF plan, but any significant housing development in the town is seen as inappropriate .

The LDF will form part of the development plan for the East Riding and will be used to determine where and how we should build new places for people to live and work in. It will set out planning policies and proposals on a range of issues from where new houses, jobs and shops will go to how we should protect our countryside from inappropriate development. It will guide planning applications and development proposals for the next 15 years.

The Council is currently consulting on two documents: The Core Strategy and the Allocations Development Plan.

The Core Strategy will set the key elements of the planning framework for the East Riding. It will comprise a vision and a number of objectives for the area, setting out how we would like the East Riding to look in 2026. It is this strategy document that indicates a possible future for Hedon as a port.

The Allocations Development Plan, when adopted, will allocate pieces of land for specific uses, including for housing, employment, retail, open space and transport.

You can find out more about these documents and view a copy at the Display to be held this week at Hedon Library from 1pm – 7pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week (June 22nd – 24th). Staff will be available to talk to you about the documents on the TUESDAY 22nd JUNE ONLY.

You can view a copy of the documents via a special East Riding Council Website page (see Core Strategy and Allocations DPD) including online interactive versions which allow you to make and view others comments as you read the documents.

While these consultations are normally seen as dull and not relevant by many people; I’m sure you will agree that in this case it could be very relevant!

Make sure that you make your voice heard on these significant plans that could impact on all our futures!

The consultation period runs until Monday 12th July 2010.

Other useful link: Hedon Navigation Trust

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  1. This local informational Web site is excellent, as it is kept promptly up to date with day to day issues. It also covers major incidents, and sometimes before the press has had time to process the events. Keep up the good work. Janice

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