BBC LOOK NORTH will feature a discussion on the General Election this evening (23rd April 2010, 6:30pm) and contrast the traditional methods of campaigning using the megaphone and soapbox with the new forms of digital engagement that are now available using the internet.

The Hedon Blogger was invited by Hull Digital to take part in the discussion at

Interviews at Fudge

Fudge Cafe-Restaurant in Hull and comment on this Blog’s coverage of the election campaign so far.

The Hedon Blog passed a milestone this month. It reached over 40,000 page views. The statistics show that the Blog got just over 200 views in its first month of operation in February 2009 – but now gets almost that many viewers every single day.

So the decision to cover the General Election was a calculated risk. Would local people switch off from politics on the Hedon Blog or would they find it an interesting way to follow the campaign? The latter seems to be the case with Election 2010 becoming the 6th most popular article this month.

Of course the Hedon Blog is always looking to improve its coverage and will offer readers the chance to put their questions to the candidates in a special facility to open very soon.

In the meantime thanks very much for reading the Hedon Blog. And please do leave comments with your views anywhere on the Blog especially if you have never posted comments before. The comments from readers keep the Blog interesting and lively and hopefully can reflect the essential buzz of conversation in Hedon on issues that matter.

Ray Duff 🙂

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