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Conservative Candidate Interviewed on Humber Internet TV

ELECTION 2010: GRAHAM STUART Conservative Candidate for the Beverley and Holderness Constituency has been interviewed by the innovative internet TV channel Humber TV.

The 30 minute informal interview reveals Graham Stuart “the person” as well as the politician. For many who will watch this interview, it is likely to be the first time that they have seen and heard the person who has been their sitting MP over the last five years.

People will like what they see and hear. Whether they agree with Graham Stuart’s politics or not, they will see someone who is genuinely happy at being a politician and having the chance “to change the lives of people, hopefully for the better”.

Click Graham Stuart Interview and hit Play to watch the video.

The call has now to be made to the other candidates in this election to follow suit and meet Humber TV and host Valerie Prentice in their face-to-face chat.

Contact Humber TV

  • By email info [at] humber.tv
  • By phone on 01482 240087

The full list of candidates declared in this election (so far) are:

Andy HorsfieldUnited Kingdom Independence Party Candidate

Craig DobsonLiberal Democrat Candidate

Ian Saunders Labour Party Candidate

Bill RigbyGreen Party Candidate

Graham StuartConservative Party Candidate

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