PLANNING OFFICERS from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council are recommending that proposals to build a Park and Ride near Hedon be rejected.

The plan proposed by Hull City Council was to build a Park and Ride with spaces for 650 cars at the site of the old Hedon aerodrome. However East Riding Council officers are recommending that the Planning Committee refuse the planning application at its meeting on April 8th 2010.

The report to be presented to the Committee cites the loss of greenfield open space between Hedon and Saltend which contravenes a previous decision to maintain an open area between these places. Building on the proposed site might jeopardise the nature and character of an important space and set a precedent for the future which might eventually erode the space between Hedon and Saltend leading to their coalescence.

The report states that other alternative sites have not been properly assessed. There were five other sites considered by Hull City Council consultants but the Hedon location was their preferred choice.

The report also suggests that the Hull City Council applicants have submitted insufficient evidence regarding the impacts that the Park and Ride would have on local transport particularly affecting the A1033, Hull Road. Also not enough evidence was provided about the effects on wildlife or a full assessment of flood risk.

Hedon Town Council and the Environment Agency have also objected to the planning application but Preston Parish Council have recommended it be approved.

The documents being considered by the Planning Committee are currently available on the East Riding Council website at the following links:

Planning Report 8th April

Planning Application Documents

5 thoughts on “Hedon Park and Ride plan to be kicked out?

  1. There’s more on this in today’s Hull Daily Mail:

    “The council was trying to develop a park and ride scheme in Hedon airfield a couple of years ago. This got as far as talking to East Riding Council with regard to a planning application, however there were some concerns from local residents about its location.

    “Now we are looking at the possibility of siting it closer to BP or maybe even ABP land, which I think would satisfy the residents of Hedon that it was not on their doorstep, while removing some of the traffic from the road.”

    Mr Jones said the proposal was presently “still in the idea stage”

  2. The location for this park and ride scheme was wrong from the start, a better place if they have to build this would be on the old motorbike scamble site between what was BP sports field and the council tip on Staithes Lane. What about entering into an agreement with Vivergo at Saltend to share the use of there park and ride as they have just about finnished constructing one, look to your left as you pass over the flyover going west.
    It should also be noted that Hedon Town Council and the Enviroment Agency objected, but Preston Town Council recommended it be approved, friendly neighbours I think not

  3. An article from the Hull Daily Mail today Sat 3rd April 2010:

    A Hull City Council spokesperson said: “The plans have been withdrawn because they have been recommended for refusal so we want to do additional work on the plans and submit them at a later date.”

    So we have not heard the last on this issue!

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