THE LATEST POLICE and Partners Community Forum meeting held Wednesday 10th February 2010 was poorly attended.

Acting Chair East Riding Councillor John Parsons presided over a meeting of only six people including local police Sergeant Tony Towse and one member of the Hedon public.

This was really unfortunate as the meeting can provide an opportunity for the public to help set the crime fighting priorities for the next three months.

Tackling dog fouling was deemed as one of the major priorities in the coming weeks. However Sgt Towse also reported on how different agencies will work in partnership more effectively in the future. The police when attending an incident would inform victims and people involved of other agencies that might be able to help in particular circumstances.  He cited an example of an incident that involved a fall in the household; the officer concerned could suggest that people contact their local council regarding installing ‘grab rails’ and other anti-fall initiatives.

A representative from the Safer Communities Partnership informed the meeting of a crime prevention event being held in Hedon on Monday 8th March 2010 to inform people of car crime and how to deter it.

The next Police Forum meeting will be held in May in Burstwick.

Other information see: Humberside Police and Humberside Police Authority.

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