A SERIES OF EVENTS are taking place in the Yorkshire and Humber Region to give people the confidence and knowledge to tackle anti-social behaviour.

As a local citizen, each “Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour” event will give you the opportunity to learn more about tackling anti-social behaviour; what you can expect from your local council, police force and other agencies and how you can work with them to solve problems in your neighbourhood. This will also be an opportunity to hear at first hand about other people’s experiences.

There will be 3 events in the Yorkshire and Humber region running between the 17th February and 22nd March and, whether you are a resident, front-line worker or other practitioner, community activist or volunteer, you can register for an event or be put on the mailing list by calling the hotline number 0845 680 9754 (local rate; open from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday ) or registering at the special website at www.asb-events.org

The events will be free to attend. And, if you are unemployed, retired or in full-time education at the time of attendance, or if you are employed by a third sector ‘not for profit’ organisation, you may be eligible to reclaim the cost of your standard class travel.

Other information:
Local Crime and Justice Website at http://localcrime.direct.gov.uk/

One thought on “Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour

  1. Leeds is to host one of the tackling anti-social behaviour events on 8th March 2010 to help equip people to take a stand against anti-social behaviour.

    The two others in Yorkshire & Humber are in Sheffield on 10 March and Doncaster on 12 March.

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