SINCE JANUARY 2009 the Hedon Blog has featured 376 posts. This makes finding favourites a difficult task, but here we go….

R100 Toronto August 1930

Discovering the town’s rich history has been fun but not that difficult: The history of the town is all around us in its buildings, features and people. I am particularly fond of finding the link between Hedon and a Scotch Whisky.

The implication made in a local history book that Hedon had links with the R100 airship  provided material for Hedon and the Airships. I would have loved to find a photograph of the R100 flying over St Augustine’s Church!

The HOTI campaign against the proposed incinerator has provided lots of material for the Blog and I wish the campaign well in 2010. However my favourite has been Let us change the climate – the odd rant can be fun!

Other campaigns supported by the Hedon Blog include the ERYLINk to improve health and social care in the East Riding and Blog Action Day on Climate Change. The latter resulted in the Hedon Blog being discussed on Radio Humberside.

Another Blog post on MP’s Expenses in May 2009 captured the mood of cynicism that existed towards politics and politicians in light of the expenses scandal revealed by the Daily Telegraph in that month. The article conveyed the message that grassroots politics needed to be re-invigorated!

These are some of the posts that have pleased the Hedon Blogger during 2009. Don’t agree with him? Then let the Hedon Blog know!

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Image: HOTI Dog by Linda Hinchcliffe

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