The advantage of a blog is that you can canvass opinion in the virtual world before deciding to spend money on printing in the real world!

So I’m seeking comments and views on this flyer before getting thousands circulated to the HU12 post code area.

What do you think? It is posted below as a Scribd iPaper document and here as a PDF (updated 25th September):

2 thoughts on “New Flyer to promote the Hedon Blog

  1. Hello fellow Blogger! Just browsing your very informative Blog and noticed you were seeking opinions on your poster. Well, if it’s not too late, and if I may.. there is a small suggestion that I would give you and that would be to try and cut down on the text a little bit. People find posters that have a lot of text difficult to read. I would also make the title really big, that will make it more noticeable to a passer-by. Good luck with the great Blog!


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