WaspLocal East Yorkshire Farmer Mark Evison suffered an anaphylactic shock after being repeatedly stung by wasps on his chest and face last Sunday.  Mr Evison disturbed a wasps nest while using a strimmer to cut grass on farmland near Ellerker. Despite efforts of an ambulance crew to revive him he died.

Wasps can become a nuisance, particularly in late summer when they feed on fruit and other sweet materials. However, they get aggressive when  their nests are disturbed. When these nests are close to where people or animals regularly live, work or pass by then they may cause a risk.

However, never attempt to destroy a colony yourself. If you find a nest, keep well away. There can be several thousand workers in a fully-formed colony and ALL OF THEM CAN STING! It is far more sensible, and safer, to call in an expert.

Contact your Local Council or a reputable pest-control firm or consultant.

I hate wasps! They scare, worry and irritate me! Especially when eating food outside. However it must be remembered that they are not all bad. They are carnivorous and will prey upon other insects which eat your garden plants. So it can actually be beneficial to leave wasp nests undisturbed and encourage the natural control of pests and reduce the need for insecticides in your garden.

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