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What do you think of East Riding Council newspaper?

I like the East Riding News!

ERNews_SnipThe Council’s own publication gives me information that I can’t easily find in other newspapers. It tells me how my council tax is being spent and keeps me in touch about local policies that might affect me. It’s quite an enjoyable read; it’s delivered to my door and its free – always a bonus for a skint news hound like me!

I am an advocate for local authorities using all types of media for communicating with residents; including websites, and other online social media; Twitter, Facebook, etc – however the printed form is still essential for that vast swathe of the local population who do not yet have or benefit from an internet connection. Although I do feel that East Riding News should also be published as an online version which would reach a much larger interested readership!

The publication has been recognised by The Good Communications Awards 2008 winning the Journalism Award and being commended in the Council Publication of The Year Award.

So I feel quite justified in holding my positive opinion on the East Riding News. However, it is my opinion. And there are many contrary or different points of view that have previously been expressed in the local media:

  • It’s not read – people are not interested in local government so bin-it immediately or line the budgie cage with it.
  • It’s a public relations magazine for the ruling political party on the Council.
  • It pulls vital advertising revenue away from other local newspapers who are local employers struggling to survive in recession.
  • It’s a waste of money!

Whilst not necessarily subscribing to these views they do merit discussion!?

What do you think?

Source: Twitter Conversation #councilpapers

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