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Searching The Hedon Blog

Searching The Hedon Blog for items that interest you is easy.

Topics CloudSearch: You can enter your search term in the box at the top of the right-hand side-bar. For example, type the word JigZone then click Search (or press Enter/Return) and a list of blog posts containing that term wil be listed with a summary of each.

Categories: Halfway down the left-hand side-bar is the Categories tab. Click the arrow to drop down a menu of the general subject headings of each blog post. The number of entries in each category is also shown. Click ICT for example and every blog post about Information and/or Communication Technology will be displayed in date order with a summary of each.

Topics Cloud: Underneath Categories on the left-hand side-bar is the Topics Cloud. Each Blog Post – including this one – has categories listed at the bottom and also a number of ‘tags’. Tags are used to help identify each blog-post and its subject matter. Tags are also the things that search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) look for to discover items related to a particular search request.

The Topics Cloud lists the most popular tags in The Hedon Blog. The bigger the word, then the more often that tag has been used. Simply click on a word to see each blog-post with that particular tag.

Any Problems? If you can’t find what you are looking for on the blog then drop me a comment below.

Enjoy searching The Hedon Blog!

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