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Policing Pledge: Police News for the Hedon area

policing-pledge-logoThere is now a national Policing Pledge in place. It’s a new set of promises from the police on the service they should provide and every force has committed to keeping those promises.

To honour the pledge, police forces promise to listen to your concerns, act on these concerns, and then keep you informed of the progress they’ve made. Each neighbourhood will have locally agreed priorities, as agreed by the community. A copy of the policing pledge (a public document) is available here as a Scribd iPaper publication: Policing Pledge.

A useful page on the Humberside Police website is the News for the local area which reports on crime issues in this part of the South West Holderness Ward.

It is reassuring to know that issues raised by the public are being acted upon and reported on in this way. Perhaps this online reporting is something that ought to be developed as a key public feature of the Humberside force’s website and promoted more widely?

Today (22nd April 2009) the page carried the following update from two weeks ago, but older crime-fighting issues are revealed if you scroll down the page on that actual website (click the highlighted link above).

Update 06 April 2009

The South West Holderness Policing Team have been working hard on a number of community issues.

The thefts of property from unattended motor vehicles continue to be of concern in our ward area.

The Westlands Estate has suffered a large increase in calls for service in relation to anti-social behaviour.

Numerous reports of illegal parking around Hedon Town Centre

Our message to the community would be:

In relation to vehicle crime:

Do Not Leave Valuables In Your Car

Keep Your Vehicle Secure By Use Of Security Devices

Always Remove Your In-Car Electronic Equipment

The team would ask members of the public to report any suspicious incidents.

In relation to anti social behaviour:

We have received a number of complaints relating to anti-social behaviour mainly by our younger residents. We are working with the East Riding Council anti-social behaviour officer and housing officers with a view to targeting offenders. The Policing team are paying attention to areas identified with high calls for service from the public.

We would ask parents to advise their children about anti social behaviour and to ask themselves,” what are my children up to

In relation to illegal parking:

The neighbourhood team are working with East Riding of Yorkshire Council Highways to ease this problem however a zero tolerance policy is in place as numerous warning have been issued and the problem continues to be raised by the community.

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