ERY LINk Website
ERY LINk Website

ERY LINk (East Riding of Yorkshire Local Involvement Network) is a fairly new government funded body that aims to bring together local residents and organisations who share a desire to improve local health and social care services.

Organisers hope that the new body will give local people a stronger voice in influencing the delivery of  public funded and independent health services.

Representatives can exercise new legal powers to examine public health services provided by the National Health Service Trusts and the East Riding Council. Medical practices, dentists and opticians providing public funded services can also be scrtutinised.

By pro-actively generating feedback from users of the services in question, then it is hoped that services can be better designed and planned. The aim is to make a noticeable and ongoing improvement in services.

The ERY LINk has been guaranteed the automony and legal ‘teeth’ to make a difference, so might be able to raise the level of discussion on the controversial issues of the day.

Have a look at the group’s website at and please do join and get involved if you care about improving and preserving local health and social care services!

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