google-logoGoogle is the most popular search engine on the net.

An interesting exercise is to put in your own name into the search box (it’s called Googling!) and see what comes up! I did! And found out I was the third most Twitterholic in Hull…Hmm! Not sure what that is all about!?

However, far more interesting was to Google the word ‘Hedon’. It came up with the following interesting results (Mon 6th April):

Hedon Against GM – The Campaign Website was tops. This was a campaign to oppose the growing of genetically modified potatos in the fields around the town in 2007. The latest campaign news was from 2007 so I am not sure if the campaign is still active. If you have any information please let the Hedon Blog know.

HEDON The Household Energy Network was second. This is a London based international voluntary organisation campaigning for a cleaner, affordable and more efficient household energy sector.

Third was the Wikipedia entry for Hedonism which – as the article describes in some detail – is the philosophy that argues that the persuit of pleasure is humanity’s greatest goal. ‘Hedonism’ has been a problem for the Hedon Blog – I’m sure some visitors to this site are seeking the ultimate pleasure! ….And I’m sure they found it!? One organisation that links to this site has added a repectable N and so links to The Hendon Blog…. Thanks guys and gals!

The Hedon Wikipedia entry is next which I’ve covered in an earlier Blog Post Hedon on Wikipedia.

And fifth is the Town Council site linked to in my public information links in the side bar.

Hedon is also an auditorium for pop concerts in Holland near the town of Zwolle.

And ‘Hedon Cries’ is a Greek heavy metal band which plays very scary music!

So…if you’ve not done it already….Get Googling!

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