Image by Andy Beecroft
Burstwick Drain by Andy Beecroft

The Environment Agency has commissioned some work on Burstwick Drain in Hedon to raise the bank at low points, and build flood walls where necessary, as part of a wider £2m project to strengthen flood defences aimed principally at protecting Burstwick which was hit hard by the floods in July 2007.

At Hedon Haven pipes will be installed so that pumps to remove water at high tide when the gates are closed can be operated more quickly during a flood.

The Agency has emphasised that the work is “an interim measure while a long term plan is devised.”

Peter Holmes, the Environment Agency’s Flood Risk Manager, has stated:

“The flood issues around Hedon and South Holderness are extremely complex and we are working with other organisations to look at different ways to help people.

“However, this work requires consultation, and planning, before detailed design and construction can begin which can take many years. We wanted to put something in place to help people in Hedon and Burstwick now while a more permanent option is developed.

The work is expected to start soon and will be finished by the onset of winter.

Source: Environment Agency News Release

Image: Andy Beecroft as part of the Geograph Project.

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