Sample Notice - Police supported scheme
Sample Notice - Police supported scheme

This is an idea that has been taken up in Hull and perhaps might work in Hedon?

The purpose of ‘No Cold Calling Zones’ is for residents in a particular area to actively discourage unwelcome visits to their homes by traders who ‘cold call’ looking for business – and specifically it is about deterring rogue traders and doorstep criminals. The majority of people do not want traders calling un-announced and are usually able to contact traders when they need work doing.

The scheme works by the residents involved putting up signs in their area and/or notices on their doors. All the residents in a street or cul-de-sac need to be involved and willing to display the notices and not open their doors to or buy from cold callers and to double-check the identities of expected callers. They need the confidence to tell cold callers to leave as the area is a no cold calling zone.

For a scheme to be successful then it would need to be established with the support of local police, council and Neighbourhood Watch Group or Residents Association where these exist.

More information is available from the Trading Standards Institute in their document Doorstoppers: Setting up NO Cold-Calling Zones.

If there is local interest in this idea then leave a comment below.

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