Humberside Police have a local online crime mapping service available . Information relating to Hedon can be found at

Humberside Police Web Page
Humberside Police Web Page

SW Holderness Ward crime levels & statistics.

Of interest are the following statistics relating to the Ward ‘compared to this time last year’:

  • ALL CRIME has decreased by 41.8%
  • Robbery has decreased by 100%
  • Anti Social Behaviour has decreased by 36.7%
  • Violence has decreased by 12%
  • Burglary has increased by 53.8%
  • Vehicle crime has increased by 61.5%

I think such online information is extremely valuable – particularly when local residents are being asked their opinions about what local priorities are or should be.

Despite local ONLINE police services improving dramatically – perhaps they still fall some way short of information available to US citizens as this from Oakland Crimespotting demonstrates?

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