CAMPAIGNERS have expressed concern that MS3 Networks has been given the green light by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) to continue forcing through its telegraph pole installation on the streets of Hedon and Preston.

Following a meeting on Tuesday between South West Holderness councillors and leading officers of ERYC, campaigners hoped to hear some positive news about curtailing the activities of the regulation-breaking, pole-planting MS3. Instead, they found out that MS3 had been given the green light to resume its pole-planting operations.

Disappointed campaigners yesterday morning sent an email marked for ‘urgent consideration’ to Stephen Hunt the Director of Planning and Development Management at ERYC. They hoped for a prompt response, but as of this evening have heard nothing.

Anti-MS3 poles campaigners have called on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to act and set conditions on the network builder that require it to share existing infrastructure.

In the email campaigners state:

“The places that MS3 have chosen to work already have adequate underground infrastructure. The requirements to share infrastructure have not been met, or even been adequately explored. This is reason enough for ERYC to have set conditions in September that would have prevented MS3 from conducting operations in the East Riding. The lack of preparatory work by MS3 and its failure to comply with statutory obligations to share infrastructure should have been sent to Ofcom by ERYC for further investigation.”

In response to permits being granted from tomorrow (17 November), campaigners have declared an intention to resist the pole-planters:

“We need to defend our communities and streets from the distress and disruption caused by MS3. If this means trying to stop and delay their activities on the streets – then so be it. Their reputation is already tarnished probably beyond redemption. We now need to impact on their ability to operate and trade.

We copy the entire contents of the email to Mr Hunt, below:

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  1. People get angry they forget these people on the council work for you. So next time show how angry you are by voting them out. Watch more things will come.

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