Hedon residents – an urgent call to action against MS3 telegraph pole planters!

URGENT FOR ALL HEDON RESIDENTS AND ESPECIALLY URGENTLY for residents of: Albina Garth, Guy Garth, Haven Garth, Fleet Garth, Holcroft Garth & Burgess Sq, in Hedon.

As of 8am on Monday, 20 November, MS3 Networks permit applications have been GRANTED by the East Riding of Yorkshire Streetworks department for all the above streets, (Burgess Sq from Tuesday 21st).

This means that an unknown number of telegraph poles can be installed in unknown locations on these streets between 8am on 20th November until 22nd November at 5pm. MS3 is NOT permitted to work outside of these hours: 8am- 5pm.

We ask you to urgently express your concerns about telegraph pole installations in Hedon (and Preston) to email streetworks@eastriding.gov.uk AND pole.applications@eastriding.gov.uk.

actively obstruct poles

As the core group of campaigners can’t support all of these streets, we must implore each street to make their own arrangements to protect themselves.

It is suggested that each street elects a coordinator or volunteer steps forward who will take leadership of organising parking, chicanes, etc. for all that street’s residents. If the nominated coordinator would like to directly message the Facebook group or email rayduffill@hedonblog.co.uk with their own email address, street name and mobile telephone number, arrangements will be made to offer support from our core group of campaigners wherever possible.

Street Coordinators should aim to keep their residents informed as best they can and agree to be the central point of contact for residents and the core campaign group.

Other Hedon streets are also currently in application and might become GRANTED at 8am on Monday and that might also be effective from Monday. The streets that seem likely to be most at risk currently are as follows: Green Rd (from Monday 20th); The Woodlands, Hull Rd (from Tuesday 21st); Fairfax Dr, Chestnut Ave, Princes Ave, Barberry Rd, Andrew La, Thorn Rd (from Wednesday 22nd); Robson Way, Astley Cl, Hardys Rd, Colemans Rd (from Thursday 23rd).

Other Hedon streets might also become LIVE on Monday morning. It is suggested that every street in Hedon follows the above to ensure street-by-street protection.

GRANTED applications continue for Clough Garth, Magdalen Lane and Inmans Road.

If you can also offer other streets your help and support by attending in person and/or parking your vehicles strategically, please contact us as above.

  • Please, please help campaigners to make HEDON’s ‘STOP THE TELEGRAPH POLE INSTALLATIONS’ voice heard by being present at the works sites from Monday.
  • Film and photograph the works from a safe distance but do not interfere or even speak to the workers.
  • Please park your vehicles on the STREETS rather than on your driveways and according to the Highway Code (whilst enabling emergency access or being available to move your vehicle as necessary).
  • Please make sure that your friends and neighbours throughout Hedon know what is happening and how they can help.


Current permits can be viewed on www.one.network type in ‘Hedon’ and select ‘Next 2 weeks’. Click on any small telephone icon and scroll down. This will indicate whether the permit status has been GRANTED yet, what dates the application is for and which company has applied for the permit (genuine service providers may also have works in Hedon).

Whilst ‘permitted development’ rights allow these companies like MS3 into Hedon to conduct their legalised vandalism, and whilst East Riding of Yorkshire Council seems unwilling to act on our behalf, residents need to make it very clear by their actions, and support for those taking action, that MS3 DO NOT HAVE RESIDENTS PERMISSION to operate on our streets!

If you would like to get involved in this campaign to delay, stop and get poles removed from Hedon, then get in touch at rayduffill@hedonblog.co.uk.

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More on the Campaign against Telegraph Poles.

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