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Do check back on our #PlatinumJubilee coverage. On the coverage of Saturday’s Jubilee Celebration Concert in Hedon, we’ve added a YouTube video of the concert kindly provided by Tony Wilkinson. It’s unedited, but I’m sure many of you will find it interesting. Speaking of videos; the one of the Army Cadets on Sunday’s Civic Jubilee Parade in Hedon has certainly attracted interest…. an alternative title might be “Tuuurn Right!…… Oooops! About Turn!” Whilst a bit of fun, the town does appreciate its links to the Army Cadet Force who in 99% of occasions get things right, and they always look splendid!

Our most popular page this week is the #Hedfest22 Gallery. Please continue sending us your photos and videos from Hedfest on 3 June.


A COMPETITION is being held by Hedon Town Council to find the BEST JUBILEE DECORATED PLACE with a small prize to be won. Local pubs, businesses, and care homes are likely to ‘dress up’ too. 

Hedon Town Council asks that you send ONE BEST PHOTO of your decorations to email by Friday 10 June 2022.

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