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‘Eighteen miles for Eighteen Years’ Challenge – Ruben’s Voice

A sponsored walk ‘Eighteen miles for Eighteen Years’ has been arranged for Thursday 14 April to raise funds and awareness of Ruben’s Voice 2022.

The Ruben’s Voice 2022 event is taking place in August and the organisers are busy raising money to put on the inspirational event.

A sponsored walk has been arranged to raise funds and awareness as Katy Smith explains:

“We are currently fundraising to pay for all of this, so we are doing a sponsored walk on Thursday 14 April to mark one year without Ruben. The 18 miles for 18 years challenge will start at the wellbeing Hub at the Humber bridge at 10am and we will walk to Hedon via Hull city centre with banners and collection buckets in the hope of raising awareness and fundraising at the same time. We expect to have around 20 participants for the full challenge and hopefully another 10 joining us for part of the challenge.”

Eighteen miles for Eighteen Years sponsored walk

Contact email rubensvoice@outlook.com to take part and for sponsor forms.

The wording on the sponsor form explains:

On 14th April 2021, Ruben lost his battle with himself and tragically decided to end his own life. He was just 18 years old. Ruben was very much loved by his wide circle of family and friends, but unfortunately, he wouldn’t accept any help offered and didn’t speak out to let people know how he was feeling. We are devastated, so we have set up ‘Ruben’s Voice’ to show anyone feeling less than OK that there is so much help available and that it is absolutely fine to accept the help offered. We hope to normalise talking about how we are feeling, to break the stigma surrounding mental health problems and raise awareness of the devastation caused by suicide.

Please See Itinerary with the expected timings for the walk.

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