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Bright ideas for coping with cost of living crisis?

Bright ideas for coping with the cost of living crisis! We want to publish a local helpful web page that is full of positive money-saving ideas…

A COST OF LIVING CRISIS LOOMS made worse by soaring energy prices and the economic impacts of war. In the face of this ‘attack’ on our living standards then most of us are going to suffer and have to ‘tighten our belts’. With this in mind, then Hedon Blog would like to start a Money-saving tips or Bright ideas page for reference and use by local people. And we would like the help of our readers in setting this up.

Part of the page would point to agencies that can help people cope with the worries of rising debt like Citizens Advice, it would highlight local good causes that can help in a practical way i.e. the Hedon Community Food Bank, Saint Augustine’s Pantry and Inmans Helping Hands.

Bright ideas to look after the pounds
Looking after the pounds!

But we would also want advice and tips from you – our readers – telling us what actually works when saving money. We want your tips on how to cope with the cost-of-living crisis; how to make savings, how to make the pennies and pounds stretch further. In particular, what can be done at a local level to make a difference?

This would not be a page to make moral judgements or political statements, but to pass on your best advice (anonymously if you wish) of what tactics work when trying to save money.

Bright ideas for money-saving

Example: At Christmas, a friend passed on a tip about shopping online when you’re a registered customer. They said to fill your basket, but don’t go to checkout straight away, but leave it a few days. The vendors quite often will get in touch to remind you you’ve got stuff in your basket and offer a discount as an incentive to complete your purchase. I tried this with a Christmas present I was buying from an electrical supplier – and I got a 10% discount worth £14 after leaving it for 2 days. So I know this works, so I can safely share that tip! – Ray Duffill

The intention is to have a web page that is full of positive ideas – no matter how small – that can help make a difference. Please leave a comment below or email us or with your positive ideas at hedonblog@gmx.com. In the meanwhile, Hedon Blog will look at designing a new Bright Ideas web page.

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