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New picnic tables on Market Hill controversy

NEW PICNIC TABLES might be useful and pretty during the day, but are they gathering places on a night for those engaged in anti-social activities?

THREE NEW picnic tables have been provided by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council on Market Hill. But this move has prompted concerns that anti-social behaviour in the area at nighttime will increase.

The picnic tables are intended for daytime use in the popular walking area in the town. However, a question posed to Hedon Town Council has asked if a more suitable location could be found because of their inappropriate use at night. The question read out at last night’s Public Participation Meeting, observed that the existing benches on Market Hill already provided a place to gather at night for those involved in anti-social behaviour (playing loud music, drinking and drugs). The question asked: “Given that there are already 3 benches in this small area already could the council not find a more suitable location for these tables?”

In answer, the Hedon Town Council confirmed that the tables can be moved to other locations in the town. However, the Market Hill area hasn’t been identified by Humberside Police as one associated with anti-social behaviour. In fact, there had been no reports logged at all by police relating to Market Hill.

The council would make a request to the police for patrols to pass Market Hill at nighttime.

Hedon picnic tables
Two of the new Hedon picnic tables on Market Hill

Those witnessing suspicious behaviour at Market Hill (or anywhere) should report to the police on non-emergency number 101.

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