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“Christmas Live!” Easington’s Outdoor Nativity Performance

“CHRISTMAS LIVE!” took place in Easington and recreated the iconic scenes from the Christmas story: The birth of Jesus Christ.

“Christmas Live!” brought the village of Easington to life on Tuesday 21 December 2021 as a volunteer cast and production crew of nearly 70 people mimed and staged the key nativity scenes from the birth of Jesus Christ. With appearances from Angel Gabriel, The Shepherds, The Three Wise Men, and taking place across three different locations in the village, the event was certainly something very different for the 220-strong audience to witness.

Participation of all was also encouraged in the singing of Christmas Carols at each location. The audience followed the action around guided both by the narrators of the show, including the head narrator and writer Rev. Philip West, and the event stewards. The use of real animals in the production, a donkey, two sheep, and three horses, one each for the Wise Men, just added to the spectacle.

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