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Boundary Commission response – Councillor John Dennis

A NEW Kingston Upon Hull East Parliamentary County Constituency including South West Holderness? Have your say!

IT HAS BEEN proposed by the Boundary Commission for England (BCE) that in 2023 a new Kingston Upon Hull East Parliamentary County Constituency is formed that would incorporate the current South West Holderness Ward (Hedon, Paull, Preston, Thorngumbald, etc), with Drypool, Holderness, Ings, Longhill and Bilton Grange, Marfleet, Southcoates and Sutton Wards in Hull.

The BCE has published its initial proposals for new constituency boundaries. They invite the public to view and provide feedback on the proposed boundaries. You can provide feedback before the consultation closes on Monday 2 August 2021. You can comment on anything from where the proposed new boundary lines are, to the names of the constituencies.

Councillor John Dennis has published a response to the BCE and a downloadable copy has been made available below his letter (Open Office) that people can customise and send themselves. Remember to add your address, name, signature and date.

You can post your letter or response directly as a comment at the Y&H BCE Consultation Portal.

See ‘Make a comment’ as highlighted.

You can e-mail your response to information@boundarycommissionengland.gov.uk or post to Boundary Commission England, 35 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BQ.


A new Kingston Upon Hull East Parliamentary County Constituency?

Response to Boundary Commission from Councillor John Dennis:

As requested in your recent boundary change correspondence, I have considered the proposed changes in detail. I wish to comment on and object to the proposal as far as it relates to the Ward of South West Holderness (SWH) being taken into the East Hull Constituency, and how that would impact on the Market Town of Hedon and its immediate neighbouring Parish Councils.

This is not the first (nor presumably the last) time that such a proposal has been considered by the Boundaries Commission. It was an inappropriate scheme 10 years ago, and nothing has changed.

It was absolutely against the opinion of the local residents in a major referendum held in 2014. The remarkable outcome was that 75% of the residents participated, (about 50,000 people at both sides of the city). Of those, 96.5% said ‘No’ when asked the question ‘Do you want to live in an expanded city of Hull’. The residents of SWH had spoken in no uncertain terms. They thought that at the time and nothing has changed to alter their opinion. Our residents fully concur, we do not want, in any way to be considered as part of the City of Hull, either in Constituency terms or Geographically.

Another fear that local residents share is that, if this scheme is to proceed, it will not be long before The City of Hull ‘ups the ante’ and makes moves to encompass this whole area into the city. Their ambition to expand their boundaries has never been a secret. We have no wish to be city dwellers; we have chosen a rural existence

If this proposal is accepted, the Market Town of Hedon and several villages would then see inexorable new development of our countryside and these ancient communities, would be swallowed up and lost in residential and industrial sprawl. We would not wish Hedon and its neighbouring communities to become more casualties of the city’s longstanding ambitions.

We in SWH appreciate the benefits of living in this beautiful and historic rural Ward and wish it to stay that way. Many, who were originally Hull residents, chose to leave Hull and come to Hedon because we wanted a rural environment. Once here, rarely do they move back.

For many years this region as a whole has been contained within the rural Constituency of Beverley and Holderness. The Members of Parliament have carried out many visits and held regular street surgeries in Hedon Market Place and these continue to offer residents the opportunity to broach matters of concern to the incumbent MP, to Ward Members and also to a number of Town and Parish Councillors.

There have been concerns that the MP for East Hull would not be able to find time, in his already very full diary, to become involved in this regular ritual, which has become an important event to our voters.

At present the MP of East Hull’s diary is full of the various ‘inner city’, urban issues of 5/6 times as many constituents as live in SWH, which by the way would virtually triple the geographical area that has to be covered and catered for. He has no experience of rural communities as far as I know.

The number of residents of this Ward is very thinly spread yet would be over an area considerably larger than the entire square mileage of the existing East Hull Constituency,

Plus, as far as the wider SWH area is concerned, the East Hull MP being previously involved only in the City’s urban issues, would certainly have considerable difficulty in understanding, let alone solving, the rural problems of, for instance, Farmer Brown down at Stone Creek. I doubt whether even finding the place would be an easy task.

Since 2011 when we objected to an identical proposal, the Ward of SWH has changed considerably. And not to any advantage to its residents.

The expansion plans of the City of Hull have moved forward considerably in the last few years. An area extending to 453 Acres, which admittedly, had been ‘Allocated for Industry’ in the 2016 Local Plan for the East Riding, was approved by the ER Strategic Planning Committee for development by Associated British Ports. It is to be an extension of the City of Hull’s dockland estate in an easterly direction. Please note that this extension is entirely in SWH. It brings Hull’s industry almost up to Hedon’s and Paull’s boundaries, and the farmland that used to keep us separate from the city will be gone forever.

Additionally, just across the main road into Hull, another area of 200 acres was approved as an Energy Park’ to include a Gas Fired Power Plant and other industrial uses. The site however was NOT allocated in the Local Plan and recommended for refusal by ER’s Planning Officers. It was not favoured particularly as it constitutes the only remaining buffer zone between the two communities of Hull and Hedon, and provided protection from the industry surrounding the Saltend Chemicals Park

Considering the various issues mentioned above, and others, I wish to register that I am completely opposed to the area of South West Holderness being taken into and becoming part of the East Hull Consituency.

The alternative scheme which would involve the rural ward of North Holderness being included with its neighbouring rural constituency is by far and away a better proposal. It would be an ideal fit. It would not involve the MP for East Hull by not producing a vast unmanageable area and seem to tick all the relevant boxes.

Please take my observations into account when making a final decision on this very contentious issue.

John Dennis

Send your own response or you can download a copy of Councillor John Dennis’ letter to customise and submit. Remember to add your address, name, signature and date. Send by Monday 2 August 2021.

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