‘Save The Last Dance For Me’ is the latest book and first novel from former Rugby League player and Hedon resident Keith Pollard.

Keith says: “This is the first book of a trilogy I have written, I started writing it two years ago after I had started selling my first book my autobiography ‘Red & White Phoenix’. All the net proceeds from that book, of which I sold over 1,000 copies, went to charity; £5,000 to the Alpha-1 UK Support Group UK, as my son Jason died aged 41 from the rare genetic disease, antitrypsin deficiency, and just under £500 to Mose Masoe and the same amount of £500 to the Rob Burrow fundraiser, for MND research.

All the royalties from “The Last Dance for Me” will be going to Mose Masoe. The Hull Kingston Rovers Captain was badly injured last year, suffering life-changing spinal damage during a game in January 2020.

“As an ex-professional rugby player playing nearly fifteen years; six years as a Rovers player and as a local lad, I feel if I can help in any way then I should do it.” continued Keith. “I was lucky I played in both the UK with a few clubs and in Australia for six years. I know what it is like being away from home, and for Mose to be struck down by an injury that has finished his career and almost paralysed him, he needs all the help we can give him.”

Save The Last Dance For Me.

As she opened her eyes, she looked up at the single flickering dim light bulb; she could smell the dampness in the air and see the marks on the walls where the wallpaper had peeled off. At first, it had all been a dream, but then the realisation set in: she had gone into labour; she was giving birth.

Leif was brought up in a working-class two-up, two-down, terraced house in Hull. Having served his apprenticeship as an oil and gas contractor, he leaves to pursue his dream of seeing the world.

From the cold and often bleak North Sea to the far-off lands of South America, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, his is a journey of discovery full of passion, anguish and emotion.

Description from book cover.

Contains strong language and adult themes.

From the depictions of Leif’s youthful energy to his fascinating working life – and often the darker sides of his private life – this is a novel packed with incident and intrigue.

You can buy ‘Save The Last Dance For Me’ at the following outlets’ PRICE £13.99:

‘Save The Last Dance For Me’ is the first of a trilogy of books. The title of the book is drawn from the Charlie Rich song. It is believed that Keith’s next two books in the trilogy will have titles from the country singer too. On HU12 Online we look forward to bringing you news of their publication on Creative Corner.

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