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Hedon Shuttle Bus Service starts 7th July 2021

HEDON SHUTTLE bus service will start operations NEXT WEDNESDAY, JULY 7. It will run around the outer areas of Hedon and into the town centre and back.

The HEDON SHUTTLE bus service will start operations next Wednesday, July 7. The mini-bus service will run around the outer areas of the town and bring people into the centre of Hedon and back. There will be a flat fare per ride of £1 or it will be free with a bus pass.

The service will run on Wednesday’s only. This is market day in Hedon and a key reason to use the service will be to encourage easy access to Market Place and other shops in the town centre. The service will be useful for those visiting doctor’s surgeries or who have other important appointments in the town centre. It will encourage residents to visit Hedon Museum which is open on a Wednesday.

Hedon Shuttle Bus Service cartoon.

The Hedon Shuttle Bus Service will have its own timetable and regular route with scheduled stops. The service is a pilot scheme. Funded by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, it will run for six months. Hedon Town Council will look at continuing to fund the service should it prove popular and useful.

Service details will be available via leaflets and posters and published on social media. A webpage will be published on HU12 Online dedicated to the service. Service details will be easily accessible at any time on any device via our Quick Links.

The new service will build on the existing CB3 service developed as a pilot in 2016 (see report at the time).

3 thoughts on “Hedon Shuttle Bus Service starts 7th July 2021

  1. Another waste of money, why only hedon, what about all the neighbouring villages that only have one bus an hour, doesn’t no one think of that. We have a lot of people especially the elderly that would benefit from another bus service.

    1. Hi Donna I think if you have a look at the existing CB3 service link: https://www.medibus.org.uk/communitybusservices.html you’ll see there are quite a few villages served. This Hedon initiative builds on what already exists. It would use the bus at times when it would normally be out of action.
      It’s a service that would only run on Wednesdays. But if it’s used and proven to be useful, then it is something to build upon and improve.

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