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Hedon Town Council meets Thursday: New bus shuttle service, new grants scheme?

HEDON Town Council on Thursday at St. Augustine’s Church, 7.15pm. Includes Bus Shuttle service, a ‘council grants scheme?’, and other items.

THE LATEST meetings of Hedon Town Council take place on Thursday (24 June 2021). Held in Saint Augustine’s Church, the F&GP (Finance and General Purposes) committee takes place first at 7.15pm, followed immediately after by the full council meeting.

The F&GP includes the following items of interest:

Bus Shuttle service.

Items on the Agenda include an update on the proposed Wednesday Bus Shuttle service pilot scheme. The service, launched next month, will be an extension to the existing CB3 service. The CB3 links Roos and Burton Pidsea with Hedon, Preston, and Bilton. The new bus service will shuttle around the town bringing people in from the outer areas of Hedon into the centre and back. The service, expected to be hail and ride, will have a timetable and its own regular stopping places.

Using the current CB3 service timetable as a guide, then utilizing the ‘down time’ of that particular bus, there would be an operational window of about an hour to operate the Hedon shuttle service.

The pilot scheme is funded with help from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Hedon Town Council will have the option to continue funding the service from New Year 2022 should it prove a useful service for residents.

Hedon Town Council grants scheme?

The council is to consider having its own grants application scheme and an allocated budget. Whilst the council has given small grants to voluntary and community groups for local good causes in the past, it has never been part of a formal scheme. As a grant funder, the council would need to decide what its priorities are for such a scheme. What outcomes would it hope to achieve? From that, it would determine the type of activity and the type of groups it would hope to fund.

A small seed fund, perhaps grants from £100 – £500, to kickstart new community activity would be welcome. However, many existing groups already struggle to meet ongoing costs. In short, the demands on any formal scheme could be high, so its objectives need to be very clear. Also, some groups are very adept at accessing any available funding schemes, whilst newer groups with less experience can find the whole process daunting. So an application process needs to be easy to understand and sources of help in making applications listed.

Working Group reports.

The meeting will receive reports and recommendations from the Events and Hedfest Working Groups. The group set up to consider the Live Streaming of council meetings will report. The Working Group to consider a grant request to support the Ruben’s Voice charity concert will also report back.

Boundaries Review.

Whilst councillors will no doubt be making their own submissions to the Boundary Commission consultation, the meeting on Thursday will give an opportunity for Hedon Town Council to give its formal response. The proposal to include the South West Holderness ward (includes Hedon) in a new Hull East Parliamentary county constituency is up for discussion.

Members of the public are welcome to observe formal meetings of the Hedon Town Council. Social distancing at the Saint Augustine’s Church venue still apply. Track and trace will be in operation and face coverings must be worn.


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