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Hedon Town Council support for new street trading proposal in Market Place.

Chairs and tables for outside dining in the Hedon Market Place – several steps closer to realisation.

CHAIRS AND TABLES for outside dining in the Hedon Market Place? It’s several steps closer to realisation!

The placing of chairs and tables in the Hedon Market Place to facilitate outdoor trading would seem to be quite a simple idea. But actually, pavement trading is governed by a raft of laws and legislation mostly administered by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC). It also requires permission from landowners. So when Luxe Restaurant (The Rumour Mill) suggested doing such in the northern end of Hedon Market Place it prompted a flurry of activity and checks to ensure that it could happen.

Hedon Town Council is responsible for the upkeep of Market Place in the town. And it was to the council that Luxe asked for permission. The council set up a special Working Group of councillors to consider the proposal. The group met on 28 May 2021.

Chaired by Councillor John Dennis, Members of the Working Group met with the proprietor of Luxe and discussed the proposed arrangement at length, both with him direct and afterwards in private.

Photos are just for display purposes and are not part of the proposed scheme.

The report of the Working Group was presented to the Town Council’s Property Committee last night and it was agreed to support the proposal subject to confirmation of licensing compliance by the ERYC.

As an activity, street trading also has implications for the town council as a landlord and as a licensee (as with Hedon Market which operates via a licence). However, last night’s meeting agreed to defer the matter of a licence fee until the New Year. In moving this deferment, Councillor Carl Minns expressed a desire to offer a period of support to the new initiative as it emerged out of lockdown restrictions.

Councillor Dennis chaired the Working Group and comments on the report accepted last night:

“The proprietor of Luxe is obviously an experienced restaurant owner and seems to have a good command of 2003 Act Licensing, Planning etc and is keen to follow all legislation and bylaws and not to jeopardise his existing position. He gave his professional presentation and covered most of the points we were going to address, even before Members asked questions. He confirmed he would comply with all relevant rules relating to ‘pavement’ trading.

“When asked about ‘smoking’ in the pavement area he agreed with the observation I made that outside tables just lead to smokers taking over and making conditions unacceptable to other diners, as was the case in many locations. He confirmed he will not allow smoking in the subject area and people will have to leave while they have a fag.

“Public liability was also discussed and he will ensure his policy on the restaurant would extend to the open area too.

“He explained his plans and illustrated by reference to photos of other ‘cafe society’ arrangements. As the land slopes down to the road he will construct platforms which will be wheeled out at nighttime (and deconstructed each day to be stored in the rear of old post office which he has acquired) and they will give him a level surface to stand tables, chairs, screens, greenery, heaters and lights etc safely.

“It was a very professional approach and obviously well researched. What came over strongly was that the area will not be a ‘drinkers’ venue. Casual, non-food visitors will not be served.

“It was all explained to the Working Group’s satisfaction and he seems to have it all in hand. He left the meeting and the issue was discussed in detail by Members present.

“The Decision was to recommend and encourage the proposal. Hedon Town Council should do all that’s necessary to allow it to happen.

“Opening hours have all been discussed and reported to the Town Clerk. Cones will be put out at 6.00 pm with a view to setting up when cleared of cars for a 6.30 pm commencement. The closing time will be 10.30 pm each day. Clearing away by 11 pm (or sooner).”

The next step in the realisation of this ‘simple’ idea is confirmation of approval from ERYC licensing authorities.

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