Remember social distancing is still in place as pubs and shops re-open!

“KEEP SAFE and remember social distancing is still in place” is the advice from the authorities as we see the reopening of pubs and shops today

“KEEP SAFE and remember social distancing is still in place” is the advice from the authorities as local retailers, hospitality venues (the pubs for outdoor table service only), gyms, libraries and community centres, barbers and hairdressers all open or see greater opportunities to do business.

Photo of Grizzly Bear highlighting social distancing
This social distancing reminder at Kelsey Gardens is very fitting for today!

Social distancing is still very important. You should stay 2 metres apart from anyone who is not in your household or support bubble where possible, or 1 metre with extra precautions in place (such as wearing face coverings) if you cannot stay 2 metres apart.


From Monday 12 April (ERYC Local Restrictions):

ERYC relaxation of restrictions from April 12th.

This is a big day for many local businesses who are able to re-open. We wish them all well! With customers and service users abiding by the national and local guidance and the rules of each business, this should be the start of a better period for all of us.

And a special mention for our local pubs! They have had a particularly difficult time during the lockdown. Many licensees have spent much time and effort on refurbishing their premises ready to welcome back customers. But with the opportunity today to open for outdoor table service then it really is – in the words of Jasmin Minns from the King’s Head on that pub’s Facebook page – a Happy Pubmas Day!

For the Hedon British Legion Club and the Kingstown Hotel Pubmas Day will be Monday 17 May.

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