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Removal of Hedon Post Box – and efforts to have it relocated

Royal Mail confirms removal of Post Box in Hedon, but say they need to ensure that there is a post box for most people within 0.5 miles by straight line distance…

THE REMOVAL of the post box in Hedon Market Place was “at the request of the private landowner”. The confirmation from Royal Mail came in an email to the Editor.

In removing the post box it seems that Royal Mail hasn’t abided by its standard practice. Normally, there would be four weeks notice. Information on why the removal is taking place would be displayed. And three alternative posting facilities would be advertised. However, no notice appears to have been served nor displayed on the box.

Before removing a post box, Royal Mail would normally consider finding a suitable alternative site. It would consider the number of delivery points which may be further than half a mile should it be removed. Again, this seems to have been neglected.

The Royal Mail spokesperson did say: “As part of our regulatory requirements, we must ensure that there’s a post box within half a mile of at least 98% of all ‘delivery points’ (usually a customer’s letter-box) nationally.”

The post box sealed prior to its removal – no notice.

Where post box relocation is necessary Royal Mail will normally consult appropriate parties. The aim is to complete relocation within reasonable timescales, usually six months. But with current social distancing rules, residents are naturally concerned about using the post office just to post a letter. It needs a speedy relocation to take place.

Hedon Town Council is proactively looking at where the post box might be relocated. Last night’s council meeting agreed to work with Royal Mail and East Riding of Yorkshire Council to find an alternative site.

The Town Council issued the following statement: “Neither the Town Council nor the Post Office were aware that the priority post box was to be removed. The Town Council is working with the Royal Mail to try and have this facility reinstated in the town centre as soon as possible.”

We’ll keep you updated on progress.

An exercise that might be useful to do: How far away is the nearest post box from your letter-box? Is it within half a mile (800 metres or 1,000 steps)?

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