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Keith Hunter to stand for re-election as Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner

KEITH HUNTER is the Labour and Co-operative Party candidate for Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner. Election is 6 May.

On Thursday 6 May 2021 residents in the local area will go to the polls to have their say on who represents them as the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside (PCC). Elections were postponed in May 2020 due to the coronavirus. The normal term of office for a PCC is four years. This will be the third election of a PCC.

KEITH HUNTER is the Labour and Co-operative Party candidate for the PCC. He is the sitting incumbent having defeated Matthew Grove for the position in 2016.

The candidate spoke to the media on Zoom (Tuesday 2 March attended by HU12 Online). During his term of office, Humberside police had been transformed, said Mr Hunter:

Keith Hunter – PCC Labour and Co-operative Party candidate

“In 2016 Humberside was the worst-performing police force in the country, now it is the most improved. Morale in the force was at an all-time low and now is at its highest.

“The force had a poor reputation which undermined the area at a strategic level. This has been completely transformed and we have become a competent leading player having a national voice and credible status in the region. This has not been easy, I spent a year clearing out and replacing the failing leadership of the force and had to deal with all kinds of blockages to change.

“We have over 500 more police officers. We have reopened abandoned police stations and returned police officers to them. We have improved how you access your local police – you don’t have to wait for hours to get your 101 call answered, expect an answer in 17 seconds.

“We want to pass more power to communities and be able to respond to people’s real needs, not just meaningless Government targets. In rural areas, we work with parish and town councils who act as points of contact and links between local policing teams and community safety partnerships.

Mr Hunter was quizzed on his thoughts about politics in local policing: “Politicians shouldn’t get involved in the application or operation of policing. It’s about influencing the direction of travel. I’ve actually got really good relationships with the three Conservative councils in the area. It’s about reconnecting people with policing.”

In his election material, Mr Hunter adds: “This election, more than any other, isn’t about the colour of a rosette, its about competence, credibility and character. “

Three candidates have declared an intention to stand in the Humberside police force area (via WhoCanIVoteFor):

  • Keith Hunter is the Labour and Co-operative Party candidate.
  • Bob Morgan is the Liberal Democrats candidate.
  • Craig Ulliott is the Conservative and Unionist Party candidate.

Other candidates may still put their names forward. Information is available from the Electoral Commission on standing as a candidate. The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners also has very useful information: Role of the PCC – Elections.

Candidates and their agents: HU12 Online invites you to submit an introductory statement and profile photograph to hu12@gmx.com for inclusion in our Election 2021 coverage.

3 thoughts on “Keith Hunter to stand for re-election as Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner

  1. Well Mr Grove was correct. Hedon police station was unaffordable.
    Since Mr Hunter became the PCC, he has been increasing the policing precept each year to cover costs for the unaffordables.

  2. Keith Hunter has achieved an incredible turnaround of Humberside Police since 2016.

    Locally we have reason to be very grateful. Hedon Police Station was closed under Matthew Grove. And when the Town Council organised a widely supported petition to get it re-opened, Grove rejected it, saying it was “unaffordable”.

    After Keith was elected, I invited him to meet with Hedon Town Council and to our Mayor Making.
    Keith came, listened and acted. As he says I “bent his ear relentlessly” to get the station re-opened.

    Keith’s focus on Community Policing meant that resources were reprioritised and our station was re-openedi n 2017 and is now the hub for Community and Response Officers for our area.
    So, when you do need the Police, they are here, not having to come from Clough Road.

    The Humberside Force now has 500 more Officers than in 2016 and 200 more are to be recruited. The Force has gone from being rated the worst in the country to the “Most Improved” by the Constabulory Inspectorate. Other forces now come here to learn how to turn it round !

    Keith’s record mean he is well deserving of your support to continue the good work – And keep Hedon Station open !

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