WE HAVE published information about CENSUS 2021 as part of a national promotion about the national census taking place on Sunday, 21 March.

Local councils, other public sector organisations and many other agencies and groups use census information to help make decisions on how to spend billions of pounds on services every year. This includes spending on transport, education and healthcare. To make sure this money is spent where it’s most needed, it’s important that the census counts everyone.

The national census takes place every ten years and this year it takes place on Sunday, 21 March. This prompted us to have a look back at the local results for Hedon from ten years ago. It will be fascinating to compare these figures with those from the 2021 census.

ACCORDING to the 2011 census, Hedon had:

  • 7,100 usual residents of which 3,391 are male and 3,709 female;
  • 1,354 residents are aged 17 or younger;
  • 2,060 residents are aged 60 or over.

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Car/van ownership:

  • There are 3,876 cars or vans in Hedon;
  • 554 households do not have a car or van;
  • 1,439 have 1 car or van;
  • 835 have 2 cars or vans;
  • 228 have 3 or more cars or vans.

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Household tenure:

  • 3,056 households in Hedon;
  • 1,176 own their property outright;
  • 1,163 own with a mortgage or loan;
  • 444 privately rent;
  • 147 council tenants;
  • 81 other social rented (housing associations);
  • 36 live rent free;
  • 9 shared ownership.

The information above will prompt a few questions when compared with the publication of the new data:

  • Has Hedon grown and does the town have an ageing population?
  • Has the drive towards encouraging public transport, cycling, walking and car-sharing affected car ownership over the ten years? Does this have implications for public transport?
  • How many more houses have been built and how has that affected tenure?
  • There will be additional data regarding the employment status and economic activity of residents – what economic inequalities might be identified? Does this have implications for economic development in the area?

Interesting questions!? And of course there will be many more!

Find out more about CENSUS 2021 at the link.


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  1. Thank you Mr Duffill You provide an amazing service informing Hedon residents of interesting and topical subjects especially during lockdowns. You are very much appreciated! Kind regards Pauline Rouse Tinkler Close Hedon

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