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East Riding Council Planning Committee members on 14th January 2021 unanimously deferred the planning application to build a new crematorium (land north of Lelley Road). There is going to be an independent road safety review and audit before it is brought back to the committee. Cllrs. John Dennis and Sue Steel raised residents’ concerns about traffic in and around the village and crossroads.

20/03564/STPLF | Erection of Crematorium and Wake/Function Suite with associated access, exit, parking and landscaping including memorial gardens | Land North Of Lelley Road Preston East Riding Of Yorkshire.

Validated this week was a planning application to construct a new facility located at the Saltend employment site which will be designed to produce 4,500 tonnes of Rare Earth Oxides which will be subject to further treatment prior to the subsequent use as magnets within the wind turbine and electric vehicle industries.

21/00153/CM | Erection of a processing facility producing 4500 tonnes of Rare Earth Oxides following demolition of 4 existing storage tanks | Land West Of Building M240 And Land North Of Control Room CR4 Saltend Chemicals Park Saltend Lane Saltend East Riding Of Yorkshire HU12 8PP.

The above cases used the East Riding Council’s Public Access website to find information. Here we explain how to become more efficient at finding local planning applications that may be relevant to you.

The planning system:

The planning system aims to encourage positive change in our towns, villages and neighbourhoods. The changes proposed, whether a major new development or an extension to your neighbour’s property, should consider the long-term interests of a community. And to achieve this the system has to balance the interests of the economy, industry, business, communities and even of individual residents against the perceived wider community interest. Therefore, a crucial role of the planning system must be to ensure that residents and others who might be affected by a planning decision are made aware of planning applications and have an opportunity to take part in consultations about them.

The expectation is that we will be informed about proposed plans that might affect us, but the reality is that we benefit from being pro-active and this is where the East Riding Council’s Public Access website comes in – known to many as the ‘Planning Portal’.

Finding planning information:

The council’s Public Access website allows you to carry out searches of planning applications in the area. When you register for an account on Public Access you can not only view planning applications and the associated documents relating to them, but you can also leave your own comments. You can also track a planning application and when significant updates take place you will be sent an email.

The Public Access website is found via the East Riding Council website and you have to first of all agree to all the terms and conditions. It is worth taking some time to read these on your first visit as it contains important information about how you can use the information you are about to view i.e. you can’t simply copy and share mapping data for example. So your first step is: https://www.eastriding.gov.uk/planning-permission-and-building-control/applications-for-planning-and-building-control/view-and-comment-on-planning-applications/public-access-disclaimer/

Hit the cross at ‘Enter Public Access website.

At the home page of the Public Access website scroll down to the bottom and you have a search bar. You can conduct a Simple Search but what you type in here has to be very specific. It is very useful if you know the application reference number as in the example here.

You can opt to do a Weekly (or Monthly) list search. In this example we’ve opted to search for applications validated this week in the South West Holderness ward.

Having found an application registered users can opt to save a search or track an application:

By using the Public Access effectively you can keep yourself apprised of what is happening in your local area as far as planning is concerned.

Visit: Welcome to Public Access

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