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Hedon easy-going circular walk

The 2nd in our series of exercise walks. Easy-going Hedon walk, albeit long, that avoids possibly muddy trails and avoids the town centre #Holderness


The second walk in our series of exercise walks. All the links refer to what3words locations. A circular walk starting and finishing at the Old Railway car park. Approximately 90 minutes. A long walk but easy-going using footpaths mostly, avoiding possibly muddy trails and avoiding the town centre.

    1. Start at the Old Railway car park https://w3w.co/cracking.seatbelt.grafted. Cross the road and turn right and then left onto Station Lane. Cross the road and continue until you see a view of St. Augustine’s Church across the field. This is possibly the best view in the town of the church https://w3w.co/relations.crunched.edges.
  • 2. Follow Station Lane along its length. You’ll see a field on your right which may have horses in. On your left is an open space called Watson Park which seasonally is planted with medow flowers. Cross the junction and continue along Baxtergate and past the Shakespeare Inn on your right. You will come to a small garden space which is maintained by the Hedon Catholic Church https://w3w.co/bunch.looms.painting.

  • 3. Continue along Baxtergate until you reach the main road. Cross the road using the Zebra crossing. Go to your left and follow the road around as it curves right and along Thorn Road. You’ll see Johnson’s Corner car park on your right https://w3w.co/songbird.raft.solving.

  • 4. Continue the full length of Thorn Road and cross the bridge over Burstwick Drain. On your right you will see a wooden entrance to a field which on a nice day you can walk along and join a trail and cut through to Sheriff Highway. But today, go past the field and turn right onto Haven Basin Road https://w3w.co/pupils.drones.reunion *Note there are no footpaths so take care along the road!

  • 5. At the junction at the end of Haven Basin Road turn right back into Hedon. Continue right along the road until you reach Hedon Crossroads https://w3w.co/cheerful.final.sparkles. Turn left onto the Main Road and cross the road using the Zebra. Continue left and along until you see Hedon Methodist Church on your right and then turn right along Church Lane. You will now get a close-up view of St. Augustine’s Church https://w3w.co/depths.needed.messing.

  • 6. At the end of Church Lane, you come to Hedon’s historic Market Hill. Walk across Market Hill keeping the Hedon Beacon and then Church View Surgery on your left and follow the road as it turns right (Wayfbain) and join the main road again https://w3w.co/popping.eliminate.assist.

  • 7. On the main road turn left and continue until you join the Old Railway car park again.

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